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Climate change,

it is a fact? Any investor has to add/weight the Geo-political consequenses before investing.

In an edition of Nature Geosciences, scientists claim that the earth's tropical belt is expanding faster than expected. What's happening is a widening of tropical climate toward the Earth's poles. "The jet streams are moving pole ward, and so the storm tracks," Agriculture (food production) and the water resources negatively affected.  Millions of people could be severely affected, hunger, drought, having to leave their homes.

There is no way that this will happen without conflict." (Instability, affecting the establishment/ruling class)

This expansions of the tropics now by at least the same margin as models did predict for the past century.

Five independent studies did confirm this information.

Atlantic coast, West Ireland, 30-11-2007. (10 meter.)

For a new and better world

As early as 2020, 75 million to 250 million people in Africa will suffer water shortages, residents of Asia's megacities will be at great risk of river and coastal flooding, Europeans can expect extensive species loss, and North Americans will experience longer and hotter heat waves and greater competition for water, the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says.

The algae/seaweed-for-oil & diesel


Humanity & survival