Sea as last resource



Clear skies, a blazing sun and the sea

Disaster & holiday

You do need lots of water & sea water to compensate for the blazing sun.


Salt water marshes /grazing.

The incentive for finding an alternative to petroleum is becoming very important due to price increases and the strategic weakness as result of the locations. These alternatives have not only become a high priority but strategic as well. 

An important problem concerning the wide-scale development of bio diesel is that it uses croplands currently used for food crops. Food is getting more expensive due to the increased cost for fuel and in addition a shortage as result of change in use. For a long period in Time there was a surplus of grains and other agricultural products but that is now in the past.

Countries which are net importers of food or others who are severely hit by climate changes will get in to trouble. They can no longer take for granted that they will be bailed out if crops fail. (You do need hard currencies and above all,) 

Large scale introduction of salt water plants can offers new perspectives. Desert land can be used for the growing of salt water plants and seaweeds, and production of bio petrol.

The seawater for: Fish farming, growing of periwinkles, oysters, mussels, urchins and vacations.



Mixing soil with seaweed resulting in high water-use efficiency and high drought resistance are important features for arid regions with limited rainfall. The xerophytes vegetation is there dominant and characterizes a type of natural plant life. The eco-geography and climatic factors play a significant role in determining the type of vegetation.

Natural populations of cactus Opuntia, are widely distributed in arid and sub-arid areas in the world The Cactus pear fruit and the uses of cladodes as crop has much to contribute to human food, and there can be a hope for new human medicine, source of natural additives for the food industry, and mainly, more than a 'bridge of life' for low-income inhabitants in different parts of the world an additional source of income. The plants growing there have developed water conserving techniques and do need little.

The numerous possibilities of obtaining different products and by-products are enormous and these possibilities of obtaining different products and by-product's from cactus pear and nopal open up new hopes for the semi-arid regions.

Basically, the demand for nutraceuticals, natural ingredients and health-promoting foods is increased constantly.

Salt water marshes




Sun, Sea & beaches









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