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Seaweed has both nutritional and medicinal value. The powers of seaweed have been drawn upon for thousands of years, their known ability to; prolong life, prevent; disease, and impart beauty & health. For the first 6000 years of our civilization, humans relied soly on foods and herbs for medicine. It is only in the past 80 years that we have we forgotten our medicinal "knowledge/roots" of the past in favor of patent medicines. While pharmaceuticals have their value, we should not forget the non-toxic and inexpensive healing properties of whole foods. Seaweed is one of them, there’s nothing healthier than seaweed or sea vegetables. One capsule of seaweed contains hundreds of different organic compounds, many not common in our food.



The waters of life; is more than a poetic phrase. Life actual arose in water, to start the long line of evolution that links plant, primitive animals, which are virtually nothing but water. Life’s watery beginning continues to be reflected in all living processes, plant and animal alike. Before birth, much of man’s life is spent in water, in the sheltering membranous sac of his mother womb. His body is made up by two thirds water.

Of all the substances that are necessary to life as we known it on earth is by far the most important water. The most common and familiar and the most remarkable one; yet most people are hardly aware of it.


Land based plant need a rigid structure to withstand gravity. Seaweed floats in the water and the pull of gravity about zero. They have to be flexible because to withstand the movement and currents present in the watery environments.

Seaweeds itself constitute a source of dietary fiber that differ chemically and physio-chemically from those of land plants and thus may induce different physiological effects. Referenced data indicate that algal dietary fiber may show important functional activities, such as antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anticoagulant effect, anti-tumor activity, and an important role in the modification of lipid metabolism in human body. In conclusion, seaweeds have a high nutritional value, therefore an increase in their consumption, would elevate the foods offer to population.


Now most scientists and researchers agree that:


The optimum nutritional micro-environment of every cell in the body is vital to achieve or restore optimal health; deficiencies in this environment cause the body to be more susceptible to diseases and degeneration.

With other words:

Your lifestyle and dietary choices make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years. A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the ‘here and now’ to keep you in a good shape for later.

One of the problems we are facing is land degradation; over farming, chemical substances as the result of commercialisation/controlling of food market by big companies. Our food supplies ( grown and selected for high yields ) having lost part of its nutrient value as result of it. The 1997 edition of Food Composition Handbook of the UN shows a 25–50% decline in the vitamin and mineral content of foods since the last survey done in 1975.

“The nutrient value of sea plants therefore much more important than most of us currently realize. If the food we presently eat, grown from soil which can not deliver the nutrients to the plants which our body needs, use other mineral and nutrient rich sources to compensate. Our bodies can not produce any minerals/trace elements and is dependent on food (external source) for it.

en the body is no longer able to produce the necessary enzymes, external supply the only alternative: these enzymes and co-enzymes than will have to come from food and supplements. (External) Because we normally do not known which specific enzyme or coenzyme is missing it is better to offer  many different ones to our body. Each vegetable has its own distribution of different enzymes, some of which our bodies can incorporate sufficiently intact to help us supply/replace our own essential enzymes. It is unlikely that one vegetable will have a complete distribution of enzymes that will supply all of out needs.
However, a wide diversity of vegetables might be needed to cover most. At least, the possibilities improve with the diversity of supply. This would include herbs, Honey supplements, Seaweeds, Cactus based, Aloe Vera and other supplements.

As the energy available to a cell diminishes, for any reason, it is reasonable to assume that the highly ordered cellular chemistry will gradually become less well ordered and controlled.
As these progresses, cellular reactions will start to malfunction. The ones that malfunction first will vary depending on the cell type and genetic makeup of that individual. Thus, the resulting degenerative "disease" will be expressed differently, but the root cause will be the same. Once disorder starts, it can result in a multitude of different disease expressions, depending on which cell types are involved and the basic genetic makeup. The weakest link will go first, which will be unpredictable. Do manifest in different diseases and better known as chronic. Not infectious.

The current problem, of course, is to try to identify what enzymes and co-enzymes are missing and result in a particular disease state, and which vegetable or herb can provide it. This information is normally not available, most likely because the problem has not been clearly presented before. Since this information is not available, the safest approach is to resort to a "shotgun" approach using all kind of vegetables and hope that one or more will provide what is needed. There are natural foods rich in different enzymes and anti-oxidants while other be very limited. Most anti-oxidants are also co-enzymes in a number of occasions.

It takes a great deal of energy to keep our bodies operational. The shear mass of food consumed and broken down to release energy should provide the insight that metabolism is the dominant chemical process that takes place in our bodies. Enzymes and co enzymes are a special class of micronutrients (the term "micronutrient" means that only miniscule amounts are required to provide essential support for vital metabolic functions). It is also the process that creates almost all the chemically active free radicals in our bodies and eventually processes them into chemically inactive carbon dioxide and water.

The syntheses of new cells to replace old body material similar but not in the quantities as being the case during the energy production. All our body cells are replaced within ate least 7 years.

At the most rudimentary biochemical level underlying all of our metabolic processes are redox reactions, which are responsible for metabolism (gene expression, protein production, repair, new cell production, etc. That is, oxidation and anti-oxidation (reduction) are how life manifest itself. Seaweed is the richest source of the needed minerals and trace elements

As enzymes begin digesting food in the mouth and continue to do the same in the stomach, plant enzymes also become active. The food then enters the upper portion of the small intestine where the pancreas provides pancreatic enzymes to further break down food. The final breakdown of remaining small molecules of food occurs in the smaller lower intestine. Ideally, the different types of enzymes work together to help digest food and deliver nutrients to cells to maintain their health.

Causes of enzyme depletion.

Unfortunately, enzymes are being depleted at every stage from seed to plate. This has caused enzyme deficiencies in the human body that leads to all kinds of health conditions. The main causes of enzyme depletion include:

• Pesticides and chemicals

• Hybridization and genetic engineering

• Bovine growth hormone

• Pasteurization

• Irradiated food

• Excess intake of unsaturated and hydrogenated fats

• Cooking at high temperatures

• Microwaving

• Radiation and electromagnetic fields

• Geopathic stress zones

• Fluoridated water

• Heavy metals

• Mercury amalgam dental fillings

• Root canals

Health conditions caused by enzyme deficiencies.

Due to their critical role in a variety of functions in the body, enzyme deficiencies can cause many health related symptoms, and many of them can be traced back to the type of enzymes depleted. The following are some of those health conditions associated with each of the four basic enzyme groups:

Protease (digests proteins): anxiety, low blood sugar, kidney problems, water retention, depressed immunity, bacterial and viral infections, cancer, appendicitis, bone problems (such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and bone spurs).

Amylase (digests non-fibre carbohydrates): skin problems such as rashes, hives, fungal infections, herpes, and canker sores; lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema; liver or gall bladder disease.

Lipase (digests fats): high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, hardening of the arteries and other cardiovascular problems, chronic fatigue, spastic colon, dizziness.

Cellulase (digests fibres): gas and bloating, acute food allergies, facial pain or paralysis, candidiasis (bowel and vaginal yeast infections).

Basic solutions to overcome enzyme deficiency

• Eat as raw, clean, natural, and fresh as possible.

• Cook food less, and use lower temperatures when possible.

• Use filtered or spring water only.

• Remove heavy metals from the body.

To increase the amount of enzymes in the body, consider the following:


• Foods rich in enzymes such as papaya, pineapples, melons, mango, kiwi, grapes, avocado, raw honey, bee pollen, seaweed, fish, kefir, cactus, fermented vegetables, and wheatgrass.

• Chewing as completely as possible.

• High quality digestive and systemic enzyme supplements.

It takes some time to increase the amount of enzymes in the body, and these are just a few tips to get started. Consider other lifestyle factors as well, to round out a less stressful approach to maintain and replenishing these life saving nutrients.

This should give another insight into enormity of the complexity of the chemistry that must take place properly in healthy cells. The main function of antioxidants is not the selective elimination of damaging free radicals, but rather the enhancement of metabolism in a healthy body. This will increase the rate of consumption of oxygen, lowering the local oxidation potential, making oxidative damage less likely. As a natural unavoidable consequence, it will increase cellular energy, which can be used for everything including the prevention or repair of damage. Concerning cellular damage, it is very likely that the increased availability of cellular energy is considerably more important than the reduction of oxidation potential (oxidative free radicals) one example being vitamin C .

Superimposed on this cellular energy argument is the need for special nutrients that may not be required directly for the generation of cellular energy, but are required catalysts in specialized biochemical reactions that are powered by adequate cellular energy, but cannot be accomplished by the availability of energy alone.

The necessary, incredible complexity of the biochemistry of every cell, required for the continuation of health and life itself, reinforces that realization that we depend totally on our natural, genetically controlled chemistry to keep us operational on a day-to-day basis. With few exceptions, we are totally at the mercy of this system operating correctly, on its own.




Name                                                                Capsules Price in €    Post  
Kelp/Kombu    100     3.50  0.00
Dulse/dulce/dillisk    100     3.50  0.00
Irish Moss, Carageen moss, Icelandic Moss    100     3.50  0.00
Ocean Mix. Kelp,nori,dulse,sea lettuce,Moss    100     3.50  0.00
Nori, wild nori (purple)    100     3.50  0.00
Sea lettuce, Ulva, green rockweed    100     3.50  0.00


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