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Most scientists and researchers agree now that:



The optimum nutritional micro-environment of every cell in the body is vital to achieve or restore optimal health; deficiencies in this environment cause the body to be more susceptible to diseases and degeneration.

With other words:

Your lifestyle and dietary choices make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years. A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the ‘here and now’ to keep you in a good shape for later.

One of the problems we are facing is that our food supplies ( grown and selected for high yields ) having lost part of its nutrient value as result of it. The 1997 edition of Food Composition Handbook of the UN shows a 25–50% decline in the vitamin and mineral content of foods since the last survey done in 1975.


As result the older people more at risk because of changing nutrition as result of aging.


 Our bodies can not produce any minerals/trace elements and is dependent on food (external source) for it.


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Name                                                                Capsules Price in €    Post  
Kelp/Kombu    100     3.50  0.00
Dulse/dulce/dillisk    100     3.50  0.00
Irish Moss, Carageen moss, Icelandic Moss    100     3.50  0.00
Ocean Mix. Kelp,nori,dulse,sea lettuce,Moss    100     3.50  0.00
Nori, wild nori (purple)    100     3.50  0.00
Sea lettuce, Ulva, green rockweed    100     3.50  0.00


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