Dried seaweed, capsules and powder.

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Dietary Supplements, Nutrition and Vitamin Supplement, Health Foods, Health Products, Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine.


Seaweed has both nutritional and medicinal value. The powers of seaweed have been drawn upon for thousands of years, their known ability to prolong life, prevent disease, and impart beauty & health. For the first 6000 years of  our civilization, humans relied soly on  foods and herbs for medicine.


Living Well, Better life, Better Body

Health is a multi dimensional choice and important for the realisation of your full potential and slow down of the aging process. Food is one aspect, environment and lifestyle another, and more important than most people do release. Clean air, water, sun light, shelter, privacy, Time. Time a must, it is very important to quiet your Mind regularly. Take a rest, do nothing, in the bible you will find at least one out of every 7 day’s.( No work either)


In Traditional Chinese Medicine our bodies and our selves reflect the natural world we live in. Being in harmony with the seasons for example increases health and well being. What you do with or to your body affect the way you think and influence you mentally and spiritually. Not only humans but animals and plant will adapt themselves to the environment and nature. Changing nature has a deep and profound impact on the development/way of life.


Stress is a component of nearly every major disease. The stress hormone cortisol ages the brain by literally shrinking the hippocampus, which is essential to memory and thinking. Supporting the disconnection of the soul and the only thing that's been consistently shown to bring down stress and reconnect is meditation and prayers. Taking a few minutes a time, helping to quiet your mind, calming the nervous part of your system, reduce your heart rate and saving oxygen for your brain. Deep breathing is a essential part of it and pays off in a health dividend beyond your wildest dreams. The main cause of stress, the result of the way in which we live and organise ourselves. A demanding, commercial driven society, lack of love, appreciation, respect, aggression, violence, exploitation, greed etc..


Man is more than a collection of atoms, molecules and chemical substances, he is above all spiritual being. Some will say, has a soul. Time is an aspect of the material world, but since the soul/spirit has no real mass, eludes it.

In the past; the material aspects of the world (money) associated with corruption, aggression destruction and death. ( Dirt)  Materialism seen as a destructive philosophy. The spiritual aspect of the world associated with infinity, love, knowledge, understanding and endurance.


Material goods how exciting and beautiful they might look in the beginning not able to keep the human mind attracted for long. Materialism however regarded by the old people as dangerous, not  because of the ability to attract attention, but in it's ability to corrupt the soul. ( addictive)

Similar to stress, capable of shrinking the  hippocampus, materialism capable of shrinking the soul (spirituality).

Many of the properties in humans we admire ( humanity) and do make us differ from animals and plants are spiritual or soul related.





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Living Well, Beter life, Better Body






Health Foods, Health Products, Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine.

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