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 Dried seaweed, capsules and powder.

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Use of seaweed supplements :

*Energizing the body

*Compensate for any deficiency in amino acids/fatty acids.

*Vitamin and mineral imbalances, complete source of minerals,

 semi-predigested. (Availability of minerals in your body)

*To stimulating the digestion contains live enzymes, dysfunctional/compromised digestion, dysbiosis, acidosis  

*Stimulate antioxidant activity (availability of different anti oxidants)

*Pollution antidote.


Land based plant need a rigid structure to withstand gravity. Seaweed floats in the water and the pull of gravity about zero. They have to be flexible because to withstand the movement and currents present in the watery environments. Life actual arose in water, to start the long line of evolution that links plant, primitive animals, to be reflected in all living processes, plant and animal alike. Before birth, much of man’s life is spent in water, in the sheltering membranous sac of his mother womb. 

Seaweeds itself constitute a source of dietary fiber that differ chemically and physio-chemically from those of land plants and thus may induce different physiological effects. Referenced data indicate that algal dietary fiber may show important functional activities, such as antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anticoagulant effect, anti-tumor activity, and an important role in the modification of lipid metabolism in human body. In conclusion, seaweeds have a high nutritional value, therefore an increase in their consumption, would elevate the foods offer to population.


Name                                                                Capsules Price in €    Post  
Kelp/Kombu    100     3.50  0.00
Dulse/dulce/dillisk    100     3.50  0.00
Irish Moss, Carageen moss, Icelandic Moss    100     3.50  0.00
Ocean Mix. Kelp,nori,dulse,sea lettuce,Moss    100     3.50  0.00
Nori, wild nori (purple)    100     3.50  0.00
Sea lettuce, Ulva, green rockweed    100     3.50  0.00


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