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Seaweed & algae for fuel

Biomass energy crops like seaweed and algae can be harvested, at the present time, at a rate of 30 tons per acre, with ethanol production of 130 gallons per ton, a total of 3,000 gallons per acre/year.

High in photosynthetic efficiency, low on nutrient requirements, easy degradable cell walls and high yield of propanol and butanol. Preferable above ethanol.

Cellulosic-alcohol production plant

 Location  Europe.

Our company is a well known harvester, manufacturer and exporter of different dried macro algae (seaweed) and dietary supplements. Nutritional food supplements in form of powder, capsules, flakes or wraps.

With high quality, a very competitive price and best service, we sell now in many European, North America and Asian countries.


 Commercial seaweeds


Nutritional food supplements, alternative Health, alternative Medicine, Health Foods, Health Products, Dietary Supplements, Nutrition, Mineral and Vitamins.



Dried seaweed (Bulk) for processing.

Annual Capacity


Name Application/use Capacity
Ulva lactuca.  Enteremorpha

other ulva species.        

especialy for therapy muds 50 tons
Palmaria palmata Food, snack,decoration 100kg
Gracilaria verrucosa for agriculture fertilizer,tomato products 50 tons
Padina pavonica        edible or dermatology 2 tons
Caulerpa racemosa    naturel remedy 100 kg
Laurencia 100 kg
Jania cosmetic calcerus algae 1 ton
Halimeda tuna            pharma,calcerus algae 100 kg
Different coastal plants
Cystoseira. Different species of Cystoseira tons
Chondrus cripus Carageen, drinks, alternative medicine. 100kg
Galaxaura filamentosa calcerus 2 tons
Laminaria digitata Alginic acid, Fucoidan, soup stock 5 tons



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