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Natural healing

Every body has an inborn ability to heal itself or more specifically, the body's natural healing mechanisms, is the principal mechanism by which any healing process occurs. Our immune system is one, our wound healing capacity another, and there are many other regulatory and corrective systems, in fact without them life itself barely possible. People who are born healthy can grow very old and still remain in good health. Most of them will, however, die long before their potential Biological Old Age is reached. In Traditional Chinese Medicine our bodies and our selves reflect the (natural) world we live in, a view shared by many people in the western world who believed that most treats to your health and wellbeing would come from outside, bacteria, viruses, accidents, calamities, force or nature. Many illness or curse the result of human activity, Pollution, destruction of natural habitat, the way we live and organize ourselves, war, conflict, ideology, and politics.(money).



Ancient people explained the decrease and increase of the human life span in the following terms:


    * Time and space are aspects of the material world and therefore human existence is limited.


      When you look at the stars you can see what is happening. New worlds get born every day and others die out. Our Earth and our Sun have only a limited period of existence!  Nothing in the material world can last.


      This is one of the reasons why Buddha called the material world an illusion. Despite its powerful manifestation, its glamour and its glitter, it is all in vain & lost.


      The spiritual world (non material world) is not subject to Time and can therefore exist indefinitely - forever. The more cynical ones of the ancient’s people associated Time with materialism, source of corruption and as the Destroyer!

Healing becomes necessary after damage has been done to the body, the systems and intregrity. There are many ways to health and healing. However prevention and protection more efective and important than healing and should be humans first goal. Any accepted medical system affects and properties have to fit into the current theories, and will vary in time and location. Conventional Western medicine may work for some, whereas others may find relief only through acupuncture therapy, herbal remedies or massage, for instance. Remedies, therapies and systems of healing can be combined into several different categories or classes. 


All major system offer some kind of relieve.



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Seaweed online info site bio-fuel and algae Free energy


Seafood  energy  health  Pharma.  cosmetics  kelp petfood   drinks   wine   cancer capsules

Seaweed online info site bio-fuel and algae Free energy

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