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The initial introduction of antibiotics was seen as a huge step forward for mankind.
It would give him the upper hand in the fight against many infectious diseases, disease which could now be destroyed effectively. For a long time these diseases did pope=up at regular intervals, were very dangerous for communities with a high population density. THEY ARE CONTAGIOUS. Without it the formation of the big city, the City State and Mega pole impossible. The knowledge gained about bacteria did help, the population explosion another outcome of it. Through the use of antibiotics, we were winning a war against bacteria, the war that would end all disease.

We as human, but also our animals need bacteria, the good ones. No live as we know it without them. Between one to two pounds of our body weight consist of living bacteria and over eons this crucial and essential symbiosis developed. If we would have managed to killed all bacteria we would have terminated the human race. That Bacteria, are inextricably intertwined with the formation of the human species and the health of the Earth.
To survive, the bacteria had to evolve and they did this at a rate never before seen on Earth. .  The Earth’s micro organisms are able to adapt to almost any environment and thrive.  It is likely that these microbes will adapt and survive beyond human existence.

The careless introduction of non-biodegradable antibacterial substances into the ecosystem nearly killed us all. Many of the bacteria affected become more intractable and virulent than ever before. To make things even worse, bacteria previously benign, learning how to become virulent. The upset of the bacterial balance of nature very dangerous.  Expert s in this field expects that over the next decade our antibacterial arsenal will begin to fail. Epidemiologists now warning of epidemic diseases developing that are not treatable by modern means.
Others think that we will have to use herbal medicines like we did before, are still effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria.




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