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All our products are from natural sources and grown in the wild. This does mean that there can be seasonal fluctuations in their availability, particularly as our products are so popular that sometimes we are simply sold out!

To avoid disappointment we therefore ask you to email your requirements to us making sure to let us have a telephone number. We will then contact you directly to answer your questions or confirm your order.

Please select from the following lists and then email your requirements to us using the form on the Contact Us page.

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Please note that our prices do not include postage which will be advised to you, together with delivery time, when we contact you to confirm your order.

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The Kelp meal we supply is highly concentrated - 20 kilograms of fresh kelp will produce 1 kilogram of dried product. This increases its shelf life and also helps to keep down the cost of postage. Because it contains a lot of iodine you should not use it excessively as iodine can work as a toxin. Recommended use is 150-300 micro grams but if you are in any doubt then please consult your doctor.

Please note: Under no circumstances should anyone consume more than 2 grams of dried kelp per day.

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